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The key foundation for being trauma-informed is through advancing the level of trauma understanding and compassion in the workplace or classroom.

We offer onsite training/facilitation across all industries and geographies. Trauma education is serious but we make it fun too! We bring deep, functional expertise, and share real-world examples and tools for you to use. We love what we do and we love teaching you how to be successful.

Our three-hour training is approved for CE's through OSPI



Hollis Consulting is a different type of consulting service. We provide the best tools to help you and your organization become more trauma-informed.

Our solutions are innovative while at the same time being based on current industry knowledge and best practices in the following areas:


  • Training: Trauma in the Classroom-For teachers and education leaders                          

  • Training: Trauma in the Workplace-For leaders and HR Professional



"You need to see beyond the behavior, often the behavior is a cry for help."



We teach you about early childhood trauma and its impacts throughout the lifespan. We talk about how people who have dealt with trauma can present in the classroom or in the workplace. We teach strategies to help you, and ways to help them. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those who have been impacted by trauma. But this is not an overnight instant fix.  People dealing with trauma are working through a process. As compassionate leaders and educators, we have to recognize this and set realistic expectations for them and for ourselves. 


All of our solutions follow a simple principle;

  • Simple - complex plans look pretty but never get implemented.  They sit on a shelf in an expensive notebook.  

  • Measurable - If you can't measure it, then you won't know if it worked.

  • Achievable - No "pie in the sky" stuff here

  • Realistic - No sales speak and fluffiness allowed - sometimes we have to set expectations that are lower or different than what we might set for ourselves. But if done correctly, then we can all celebrate the wins. 

  • Time-sensitive - You need results and you need to set constructive timelines that set you and the people you are leading up for success.  

We were able to implement strategies right away that we could see immediate impacts from. 

High School Teacher, Lacey, WA

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