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A small, hard-working consulting firm based in Olympia, Washington. Established in 2001 as C2 Leadership Consulting, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to assist organizations find success. Large and small scale solutions, coaching, planning, teaching and training we offer our clients the full package. Our key focus is in helping organizations become more trauma-informed.  Today's workplace and centers of learning are dealing with more complex challenges with fewer resources and tools. We want to change that. Let us help you reach and work with more effectively those individuals that have trauma in their background. 
Scott Hollis             Founder and Principal

Scott has a passion for education, learning, and providing resources to help other people realize and achieve their goals. He has traveled extensively and has an unhealthy addiction to coffee.  

Scott oversees the creative direction at Hollis Consulting as well as business development. He is intimately involved in projects where his expertise can be used most effectively. He has a long history and depth of knowledge in the area of trauma and its impacts on people from all kinds of backgrounds. He has been a soldier, healthcare worker (20+ yrs) and now works in education. He has seen first hand what trauma can do to an individual and their ability to cope in the day to day world. He loves to see people take back control of their lives and rise above their experiences to become the best version of themselves. This is why he teaches professionals how to empower their team members, especially those that have dealt with trauma. This is an area where all leaders at every level can make a difference. 

Just a short conversation can help you see how that can become a reality. 




  • PhD - Theology and Apologetics - Dissertation: Trauma and Epigenetics

  • Masters in Organizational Leadership

  • Masters in Organizational Development

  • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

  • Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional

  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (ASCP)

  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist (NCA)

  • Certified Nutritional Therapist

  • Certified Project Manager

  • Over 10 years in trauma training and its impact on people


Joanna Hollis            Educator / Trainer

Joanna has a passion for building up people and teams in an effort to help them become more trauma-informed. She has worked both in the UK and the US healthcare systems and has managed teams of various sizes to include multiple clinics. 

Joanna has a depth of knowledge that is specific to the foster and adoptive community and brings that knowledge and experience into each and every project and training that she does. Because of her interest in trauma, and while working with a school nurse she developed trauma education with tools for educators. She has seen firsthand how a teacher can have a profound impact on kids from "hard places". Her goal is to see more places trauma-informed and better equipped to deal with the many people that are impacted by early childhood trauma. 

Joanna believes that the path to being trauma-informed starts with admitting that this is something that we are all dealing with. Over 60% of children have had some kind of trauma experience to include pre and postnatal experiences.   Research shows us that trauma experiences can have long term health implications throughout their lifespan. Research also shows us that this is not the end of that story, together we can make a difference!




  • Registered Nurse

  • BSN 

  • Over 10 years of training in trauma training and its impact on people

  • Over 25 years working in healthcare


Being Trauma-Informed Starts with a Conversation

“We're a small and growing consultancy. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Scott Hollis, Principal Hollis Consulting Group

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