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Business Development

Sometimes you just need an outside set of "fresh" eyes. HCG provides facilitation, coordination, project management, tools and metrics for:

  • Strategic Planning

    • Retreats

    • ​Facillitation

    • Event planning

    • SWOT

  • Organizational Development Metrics

    • ​When to grow / how to grow

Human Resources

No we don't do payroll. Instead we focus on other aspects of people managment. We specialize in;

  • Policy Development

  • Training

  • Process Mapping

  • Process Improvement (we have belts for our belts)

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Development Programs

  • Medical Office Recruiting


Personal Development

Are you new in your leadership position or have new leaders in your organization? HCG can provide:

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Executive and Management Coaching

  • Mentoring and Accountability - Need someone to push you to that next level? We can help! 

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Business Development Solutions




HCG came in and did a rapid process improvement workshop for one of my departments. We quickly figured out an area in need of development. The solutions HCG came up with were quick, easy and cost effective. Great to work with, I would definitely recommend them!


                  JH, Health Care Clinic Supervisor in the Greater Seattle Area


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